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ICON Energy was launched as a division of ICON in 2018, and has since installed solar energy power stations in homes, factories and farms.


Bring The Sun to Your Home!

Electricity in houses run through an electricity meter (ON-Grid). We offer On-Grid customized solutions that guarantee electricity saving by installing solar power stations directly connected to the national grid which helps you save electricity expenses.

ICON Energy was launched as a division of ICON in 2018, and has since installed solar energy power stations in homes in Mokattam, Fifth Settlement and 6th of october. 

The ICON team has over 20 years of collective experience, and specializes in all aspects of engineering services and renewable energy innovation. Our team of solar experts were paired with the top roofing specialists in the business to offer homeowners a solar solution with the highest quality. 

Our clients enjoying thier solar sytems facility and its benefits of significant electric bill savings and government incentives


Boost Your Power and Save Money!

Our customized solutions of Solar PV systems are provided for factories and plants to make use of free unused spaces, giving them the opportunity to save a portion of electricity consumed by the machinery, thus saving on their electricity bill.

Solar Energy Services

Bringing electricity to remote areas!

Our solutions provide effective methods in providing electricity to remote farms and plants. In farms this can be used in irrigation, refrigeration of agricultural products, milling of grains, electric fencing, poultry lightning etc.

why choose us
  • NREA Certified
  • International Standards
  • Professional Services
  • best price guarantee

Our Process

The process for residential sectors is as simple as follows. Ask for your free survey now. 

1- Survey

We will visit your location and carry a survey on what you need and what can be done based on your budget.

2- Quote

We will send you a quote with all the details of what will be implemented

3- Design

We will design the system using the engineering international standards. ICON strictly follows the IEC 62548:2016 International standard

4- Procurement & Installation

Installation begins. This takes anywhere between 10 days to a month depending on location and size.

5- Support

Once completed and approved, we will show you how everything works and train your people ( if required). ICON offers a one year maintenance of your solar system free of charge for the first year